When we talk about home decoration, there are lots of points that need to be taken care. One of them is staircase design and dimensions. Modern staircase design has grown widely as a result of technology. We will have a brief for spiral staircase dimensions and design,spiral staircase design ideas,modern spiral staircase,loft spiral staircase etc.

Spiral staircase look amazing but it requires a perfect & accurate design. It requires proper planning of staircase features like height, diameter, location etc. Expert architecture would prepare a CAD design and look for problems if any, before building original structure. If there are any code regulations by building management, that has to be taken into consideration. The selection of material is of prime importance. It can be constructed using wood or metal. The mixing of wood & metal is best suited for modern spiral staircase design. You can choose the colour of materials that suits your interiors. But a combination of black wood & white stairs look awesome.

If you are having uniform space, the spiral staircase would do good for you. But in case of non-uniform space, you need to opt for loft spiral staircase design ideas. There is a fixed pole around which the spiral staircase rotates. Whereas the loft staircase can be used to climb non-uniform spaces as well. It is advised to understand the availability of interior space and then build your design accordingly because if you don’t plan properly, you might create a mess of space resulting in waste of money & resources. Take a step towards modernization of your house with spiral staircase.

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