For some of home owner, their bathroom is a very small room that is only used for thirty minutes each day at the absolute maximum. For this reason, these rooms are often forgotten about, but it is a real shame, because a bathroom is the one room you can really go to town with, so try, and have some fun with it.

Before you start, you should decide on a theme. Being a water-based room, the theme is also often water based as it fits in well with the purpose of the room, although there is no reason why you cannot be different. However, most interior designers have something circled around traditional lighthouses or beaches, or something more tropical, depending on how you want the room to feel.

You should never use dark colors in such a small room, as it results in the room feeling even smaller. Many people will go for a flat coat of white paint, as it makes the room feel more airy and bigger, although white can sometimes become a bit boring, especially if it is used throughout the house, so you could try going for a two-tone style, like white on top, blue on the bottom. If you think you can do it well, you could even go for creating a mosaic on the walls.

After the paint and tiles are in place, you need to buy the furniture. The bath, toilet, and sink will probably already be installed, so you will just need to buy fixtures, like a towel rail, toilet roll holder, mirror, and cabinet, as well as anything else you fancy. Buy things that all go together and go with your chosen colors, as well as towels, to create a fully fused room.

Be careful when buying taps for your bath and sink, as they can easily look tacky if you buy the wrong ones, and what is the height of fashion now may not be in a few years when you come to sell the house, so choose these carefully as they can really make a difference to the room.

If you do nothing with your bathroom, it will just be a boring room that you will not particularly enjoy being in and it will not impress visitors. If you decorate it you will make the whole house seem more upbeat, and it will really make an impact on any potential buyers when you are selling.

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