Increase in trend nowadays, many home owner choose modern bathroom vanities to be in include in their bathroom interior decoration. Last time, bathroom is only the place to take the shower with not more than 10 minutes duration. The situation is not for today when modern bathroom design was bring to architecture design. With modern bathroom , its now become a relaxation place to recover from a full busy working day. There are many home owner choose to bring modern and relaxation ideas to be in their bathroom such as incorporation of sauna and full interior decoration with bathroom vanities.

One options is to bring modern bathroom vanities element into your bath space for modern style. To make this modern ideas a reality, there are many elements you should take into consideration. A modern bathroom design will incomplete without incorporation of bathroom vanity cabinets. Cabinets is the must furniture in modern interior design along with light fixtures, sconces and else. Choosing a perfect bathroom vanities cabinets is a typical task for home interior designer but maybe not for you. However, when you follow the rule, you still can get the same result as well. A good bathroom vanity cabinets usually come with storage and vanity sinks. However, you still can choose according to your interest. We have bring pictures to show you different design of modern bathroom vanities cabinets in the pictures gallery below.

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Modern bathroom design yet still incomplete without decorative touch on lighting fixtures. Modern bathroom lighting play another important role to bring a luxury look for your space. Opt in a perfect light fixtures such as brushed nickel bathroom light fixtures,chrome light, or bronze light or even sconces will further increase the modern look to your bath space. About installation ideas, the suitable place for bathroom vanity lights commonly above the mirror where you place your vanity cabinets. You can choose either facing up or facing down vanity lights.

Its recommended to do a research about modern bathroom vanities first when you come to change your old bathroom ideas to a new look. There are many online place where we can search and collect the ideas for decoration. Such example are pinterest and tumblr. Grab the chances to change your bathroom to modern one.

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