Home security camera systems give protection to those residing in a home together with their properties. These systems use video surveillance to check the activities outside of the residence as well as all the points of entry. Security camera systems for domestic use can be wireless, monitored or unmonitored.

Monitored home surveillance systems are normally linked to an organization which tracks all the activities in and around the residence. Normally, the cameras are not kept under observation all of the time, instead, the video footage is recorded and stored in case there is a breach of the security system. If the alarm is provoked, the security company will characteristically contact both the home owner and the local authorities instantly for action.

The unmonitored surveillance camera systems operate in a similar way only that they are not linked to a security company. A homeowner may record and store a video footage for their own reasons. They may also use the cameras simply to watch the outside of their residence and not record it. If rerecorded, the media used can include digital memory drives, DVDs or video tapes.

Wireless security camera systems do not record images internally but transmit the signal using the wireless technology to a receiving device. The receiver should be within 90-152 meters off the camera depending on the model. It can then be connected to a screen to allow remote monitoring of the video signal. The receiver can also be connected to a DVR or VCR to allow recording of the signal for later viewing or retrieving.

Installing home security camera systems in your home allots you many benefits over not having them at all as a component of your residence security system. In spite of the additional cost, you might find yourself forever thankful to have made the decision to purchase. Security cameras will help you to monitor what is happening in and outside of your residence while you are away perhaps at the office or on a journey. Also, they are very easy to install and maintain especially the wireless security camera systems which have for the last couple of years taken over the market. Despite not being physical protection, security camera systems can help you react immediately and prevent further damage in the event of a breach of security.

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