The aesthetic value of our bathroom design can be highly improved by installing frameless glass shower doors. They make our shower room to look not only stunning but also superior. This unique type of glass shower enclosure last longer compared to framed shower doors. Durability of glass shower doors is enhanced by use of high quality thick glass which also offers support due to lack of framing.

The thick glass helps in eliminating the ugly side of using metal frames. Cleaning process is made easy due to reduced surface made up of only glass. There is no framing that adds bulky to cleaning exercise. Advancement in the design as well as putting into consideration customer preferences has resulted to production of frameless sliding glass shower doors.

This special type of frameless glass shower enclosures has incorporated wheel and stainless steel track promoting effortless operation of the doors. Installation process should be done by professional windows and doors contractors, but the buyer can still do it if he or she has got the necessary installation experience or know how to install a glass shower doors, to avoid shattering the door. The door can be opened either from the left or right, depending on the customer preferences.

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