Stained concrete floors possess a luxurious richness in style, elegance and beauty. Before you pick a stain for your you kitchen, garage or patio stained concrete floors do you know how the staining takes place?

Concrete floor stains come in two categories: water-based acrylics and acid-based chemicals. Most of the acid staining concrete floors are made by mixing hydrochloric acid and metallic salts with water. The acid penetrates the surface and reacts chemically with calcium chloride found inside the concrete. The acid part of the stain etches the surface and allows for easier penetration of the metallic salts. Once the reaction is complete, the stain becomes permanently engraved in the concrete and will not peel away, chip off or fade away.

If the subtle drama of acid-based chemical staining is not your preference, then you should consider the use of water-based stains. Stained concrete floors made from this are known to come with a wide range of colors such as English red stain,black stain,green lawn stain and many more. Manufactures sell numerous standard colors such as metallic and black and white tints. Water-based stains are a blend of pigments and acrylic polymers which work by penetrating the concrete floor to produce a permanent color that ranges from opaque to translucent.

The good thing is that both types of stain concrete floors ideas can be applied to old and new concrete. Regardless of whether your floor is integrally colored or simply plain, any of the two types will work. They are commonly used by homeowners to revitalize their dull, lackluster surfaces to give their homes a new, stylish look. Most of the stains that are used today as staining concrete floors are wear resistant and have superb UV stability, making them ideal for use on both exterior and interior concrete. They come with a variety of applications ranging from patios to kitchen countertops. Even vertical surfaces like fireplace surrounds and walls can also be stained. With all these in mind, the choice of which stains to use now lies upon you.

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