Redecorating your bedroom can make a big difference to how you feel. Because it isn’t often on public show, it can be the lowest priority when it comes to interior decorations, but it is where we spend at least one third of our time! Having a comfortable, well organized and stylish bedroom decorating ideas that suits your needs and your tastes can be very relaxing, and improve your sleep habits.

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What do you want to achieve?
Think about practical considerations such as whether the room doubles up as a gym or office and how much storage is required, but also what tone you want to achieve. Most people want calm and restful, but you might prefer feminine, masculine or neutral. A child’s bedroom is used for playing and socializing, so needs to reflect their changing interests and personalities.

Once you are clear about what you want to achieve in your bedroom, you are ready to go on to the next steps:
– Measure the room;
– Decide what furniture is definitely staying;
– Work out your budget;
– Look for ideas and inspiration;

Sources of Ideas and inspiration
We are utterly spoiled for choice when it comes to home decorating ideas and inspiration.

First, take a walk down the magazine aisle at your nearest bookstore. Pick up a few different interior decor magazines. At home, snip out any pictures (not just bedrooms) that inspire you, or match up to your aspirations for your new look bedroom.

Pinterest is a fabulous resource for home decor ideas. Type in a search term like “small bedroom decorating ideas” or “kids bedroom decorating ideas” and start your own board collecting all your ideas.

Walking around your favorite interiors store will also get your creative juices flowing. Whether they have a room mock-up that you love, or just a couple of items, such as your dream chandelier, rug or vase. You might decide to base your entire room around what you’ve seen.

A theme is a good way to tie different elements of a room together. If visiting the beach makes you feel relaxed in the summer, then maybe the clean lines of a seaside theme will be your inspiration. A well-loved trip to North Africa could yield a sumptuous and warm theme full of deep reds, gold and purple. A child’s bedroom could be themed around the jungle, pirates, fairies or soccer. Again, you could search Pinterest for more ideas based on your theme.

If you’re visiting a friend or attending a party and love the style in the sitting room, don’t be afraid to tell them that you’re redecorating your bedroom and like their style… could you maybe have a peep at what they’ve done in the bedroom?

Great bedroom decorating ideas are just the beginning. Now you’ll have plenty of ideas, and it’s time to start thinking about how they will work with your budget, your space, and your furniture. This is where the fun starts. Settle down with your Pinterest board and your clippings open in front of you and work out which ideas will work. The others still inspired you, so can be placed in a file for future reference – maybe the next time you decorate a bedroom.

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