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Vinyl Plank Flooring Options : Luxury Vinyl Tile Ideas

The beauty and resilience of the relatively new vinyl plank flooring have many home owners rethinking their flooring choices. It used to be that installing vinyl flooring of any kind meant compromising on the level of elegance for the benefit of affordability. However, with the innovation of the attractive vinyl plank flooring, consumers can not […]

Why Should You Use Laminate Wood Flooring In Your Home?

Are you looking a new renovation ideas for your home? Are you torn on whether to install laminate wood flooring or not? Laminate wood flooring offers the average homeowner a number of benefits. You may want to consider them when deciding on what kind of flooring you should install. So, why is laminate flooring wood […]

Engineered Oak Flooring Best Wood Flooring Options

Engineered oak flooring refers to an indeed alluring and adaptable flooring technique. It comprises of layers of strands that are joined together to model a solid and very stable mainstay board. It is then coated with a concrete oak and the polished product resulting in a more stable flooring compared to solid oak flooring. Engineered […]

4 Important Step in Floating Floor Installation You Should Know Better

A floating floor refers to a floor that doesn’t require to be pinned or welded to the secondary floor. The technique of mounting a floor instead of particular type of floorboards materials is termed as floating floor. Here, single floating floor boards, beams or slates are attached to each other without being attached to the […]

Different Type of Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors possess a luxurious richness in style, elegance and beauty. Before you pick a stain for your you kitchen, garage or patio stained concrete floors do you know how the staining takes place? Concrete floor stains come in two categories: water-based acrylics and acid-based chemicals. Most of the acid staining concrete floors are […]