Are you looking for a new look living room color ideas?. We all knows, everyone dreams to own a home with a comfortable and stress free surroundings if you want to relax. Planning and designing is very exciting to do with your family. You do not need to hire an interior or exterior designer, because you can do it yourself. Here are some tips and ideas for your living room paint color ideas.

Choosing colors – The color of the floor must comply with the color of the walls inside and outside. Choose and pick the best color that’s suits your taste and your personality. Same goes with the tiles. Make sure you get to check out some dining room paint ideas to make your dining room colorful. One more tip, these days two toned room painting ideas are in fashion.Choosing furniture – Pick and select well the furniture that will best suit with the color of the wall and the floor.

Manage the space – manage your space wisely, every space inside and out of your home is important. Do not buy things and furniture that will occupy so much space, it will just make your place small.Windows and curtains – windows and curtains will always be the first thing that would be noticed when someone goes inside your house. The windows should not be so big and not so small, must look elegant, unique but not expensive. Be wise enough to vary the windows and curtains to the paint of your walls.Part of the house –every room and every part of the house must be unique, start off with your backyard, your backyard should always looks neat and tidy as it will always be the first thing to be seen, always remember “first impression lasts”. Next is the rooms, every rooms should be unique but with an appropriate pattern so that it wouldn’t look flat and not so colorful.

Always remember that every home reflect every family’s personality. So try and play with your ideas and decorate your home inside and out together with your family.

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