While modern bathrooms are quite spacious , old home owners have to constantly deal with bathrooms as small as 5 by 8 feet. Most people are afraid to remodel their bathroom as they are afraid of high bathroom remodel cost. Don’t worry, we have the solution to that claustrophobia with this small bathroom remodel ideas that are affordable to implement.

1. Get rid of the shower curtains- ditch the shower curtains and shower doors and instead building in a wet area with drains. This uplifts the room and gives the illusion of more space. Using a glass shower enclosure also gives the feeling of a large space by enabling you to feel the length of the room from one end to the other.
2. When you are doing a small bathroom remodel, try to maximize shower space as much as possible by avoiding bath tubs and incorporating a tiled shower. Customize it to the available space. But if you want choose to incorporate bath tub there are ideas you can apply to make your space looks bigger such as incorporating bathroom vanities mirror.
3. Concentrate on improving fixtures, finishes and lighting for minimal remodel bathroom cost. Remodel with glass mosaic tiles in brilliant colors to give your bathroom a fabulous look. For lighting, consider using vanity lighting on each side of the mirror as they illuminate the face for grooming. However if the space is too limited, there is always the option of mounting sidelight directly onto the mirror! It takes no extra space.
4. Use a pedestal sink to give the illusion of a bigger room. A stand alone sink creates more space than a sink that is adjoined to a closet.

The biggest advantage of a small bathroom is the remodel bathroom cost. Less material is needed because the space is so limited and you can therefore get away with using expensive material as you won’t need much of it anyway.

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